Sunaayy Foundation launched virtual classes for underprivileged children

Sunaayy Foundation launched virtual classes for underprivileged children

Delhi based non-profit NGO Sunaayy Foundation has launched
virtual classes in Bhagwanpur area of Vaishali located in Bihar. The aim is to provide quality
education to more and more underprivileged children who cannot physically attend schools.
Sunaayy have plans to launch such facilities to many more cities of Bihar and Jharkhand.
While launching this virtual class, Sunaayy Founder, Ms. Richa Prasant said, “We have launched
these classes for the students who are not allowed to attend the schools because their parents
think that the teachers are not having adequate exposure & knowledge and they do not pay
enough attention to the students.”
Sunaayy’s main effort is through remedial classes for the kids. Sunaayy started approaching
the students through online classes and ensures the best quality education to them, which
they deserve. The online classes are not just white board lectures where children are copying it
from there but they are interactive classes where teachers and the co-ordinators log in from all
across the country and easily interact with children and provide them the right training in all
Sunaayy has received excellent response of this pilot project which will initially run for 6-7
months to see the response. Students and their parents are extremely happy as they can get
the best teachers to get expertise training for their children with much better exposure.
Students started opting out of the schools and attending these classes as they found value
education what they deserve. But the situation needs to be controlled and need adequate
attention while changing the entire education system in these villages.
Presently, Sunaayy has engaged students from IIM, Kolkata of next connect venture on low cost
interactive online learning , facilitated in school of urban and rural education (SURE) in
Vaishali, Bihar Ultimately, the goal is to benefit the students and they should get education of
the best quality possible.