What is Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin, or the concept of Satoshi Nakaomoto

Cryptocurrencies are not a new concept, however, all over 8,000 modern cryptocurrencies are derived from the former, i.e. Bitcoin. The Internet heard about Bitcoin for the first time in 2009. The concept of a virtual currency that is resistant to economic turmoil and is independent of the influence of governments and non-governmental institutions greatly electrified Internet users. The author of this innovative and very bold concept was a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. For a long time, attempts were made to track Nakamoto, but to this day it is not known whether it was one genius or a team of several talented enthusiasts. Bitcoin is based on block-chain technology, thanks to which transactions concluded with BTC are very safe.

Why Bitcoin is so much wanted and recognized

Bitcoin is used almost everywhere, stores, restaurants and even casinos. There are a lot of online casinos that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, but not all of them are safe, that’s why you should always be aware of the websites that you’re using. Here are some Betworthy online casinos you should check. It is worth noting that Bitcoin has become a kind of symbol of the fight against the wall street system of the world economy for many people, which is why the governments of individual countries wanted so much to stop the expansion of cryptocurrencies. The basis of Bitcoin is its value, as the global amount of this most famous cryptocurrency is algorithmically limited. This means that the number of Bitcoins is finite and cannot be reprinted as is the case with the traditional economy.

Over the past few months, Bitcoin has broken through new psychological barriers, which shows the ever-growing popularity of this virtual money. Moreover, BTC is a great asset to store your savings in times of rampant inflation. Bitcoin will always be resistant to any kind of outside interference. More details and information about Bitcoin You can find at gielda-kryptowaluty.pl website. They write a lot about first cryptocurrency Bitcoin and other projects.

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