An artsy paradise – Art Aura at Infiniti Mall Malad

Infiniti Mall, the one stop shop for all Mumbaikars’ food, shopping and entertainment requirements, recently drew the curtains on Art Aura – An art exhibition hosted at the mall’s Malad location in association with L.S. Raheja School of Art.

Pic - Art Aura at Infiniti Mall Malad

Celebrating 70 glorious years of Arts & Crafts Education Society, the exhibition was inaugurated by eminent painter, cartoonist, caricaturist, and illustrator, Mr. Prabhakar Wairkar. The week-long art exhibition received overwhelming responses from visitors and charged the atmosphere with artistic energy and spirit. A variety of workshops on diverse realms of art such as block print, stencils, calligraphy, paper quilling and more were organized, for visitors to grasp the skill set for various styles of art.

The students, alumni and faculty members of L.S. Raheja School of Art was seen actively participating through the exhibition. An eye-catching lineup of artwork and paintings highlighting superior craftsmanship and expressiveness was another highlight which brought large crowds flocking to browse through the awe-inspiring display.