BCT Digital and FPT akaBot Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Innovation

Chennai, June 12, 2024: BCT Digital, a global digital transformation company delivering FinTech, RegTech, and SustainTech solutions, has entered Southeast Asia by partnering with FPT akaBot. This collaboration between two leading technology companies is poised to revolutionize the automation landscape in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. With their combined expertise, resources, and commitment to excellence, both companies will offer products and joint solutions to enterprises in the region, charting new paths in automation and digitalization.

Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital..

The collaboration with akaBot, FPT’s flagship robotic process automation (RPA) solution, aims to deliver outstanding hyper-automation value to clients throughout Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. By merging BCT Digital’s proficiency in risk management solutions with FPT akaBot’s expansive global reach and capabilities, the objective is to deliver unparalleled services and foster intelligent automation across various industries. Jointly, the two companies aim to serve maximum number of enterprises in the next 2 to 5 years.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FPT akaBot, a global leader in technology and IT services. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to drive digital innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients. By integrating BCT Digital’s expertise in risk management, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), as well as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions with FPT akaBot’s cutting-edge robotic process automation (RPA) technology, we aim to revolutionize the automation landscape. Together, we will empower businesses to thrive in the digital age by seamlessly integrating risk management processes with efficient automation solutions, thereby creating lasting impact and value,” says Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital.

“By cooperating with BCT Digital, we aim to define FPT akaBot as a global brand with a strong understanding of local needs. Our ambition is to become a TOP 3 RPA vendor in Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as stay top-of-mind for all customers as a comprehensive platform with reasonable investment requirements, eventually offering a high ROI solution,” said Mr. Giap Bui Dinh, CEO of FPT akaBot.

For three consecutive years, BCT Digital has been recognized by Chartis Research among the top 100 risk management firms in the world. The company’s revolutionary fintech, regtech, and sustainability solutions help enterprises optimize their core GRC processes, enabling them to enhance their positioning and go-to-market capabilities. The company’s flagship product, rt360-EWS, annually tracks over USD 250 billion of assets and potentially recovers around USD 2.5 billion every year, which otherwise would have become either NPAs or bad loans. BCT Digital has also pioneered ESG monitoring driven by the need to focus on climate change concerns across the globe, aiming to mitigate risks, leverage technology for accurate insights, and catalyze ESG adoption in BFSI and beyond.

BCT Digital’s products harness newer technologies such as AI, predictive analytics, and big data, offering holistic insights and predictability in risk management. The products are tailored to address both the niche challenges particular to the Indian context and geo-specific regulatory compliance. Therefore, the product suite has found acceptance in the global marketplace, specifically across the USA and the Middle East.

FPT akaBot has gained recognition worldwide for its ability to streamline business operations, boost productivity, and deliver significant cost savings. In 2023, the Vietnamese RPA solution achieved 3,900 customers, with over 10,000 bots working as “virtual assistants” in 21 countries. Our partner is also recognized through prestigious global reports such as Gartner Voice of Customer and RPA Peak Matrix by Everest Group.