Bombay Shaving Company Unveils ‘Styled By Bombay Shaving Company’ Campaign, Introducing Cutting-Edge Trimmer Range and Redefining Grooming Excellence for the Modern Indian Man

New Delhi, 23nd December, 2023: Bombay Shaving Company, the trailblazing name in hair removal and personal care, proudly unveils its latest campaign, ‘Styled by Bombay Shaving Company,’ ushering in a new era of grooming sophistication. The centerpiece of this campaign is a visually captivating film that introduces the brand’s groundbreaking innovative range of trimmers. The campaign is yet another step in the journey of Bombay Shaving Company’s commitment to setting new standards of hair removal for men across the body. Founder and CEO, Shantanu Deshpande, takes the spotlight, passionately endorsing the revolutionary HeadShaver PRO Trimmer—a standout in the brand’s impressive trimmer portfolio, designed specifically for bald men. This range is not just about grooming; it’s a statement of precision, innovation, and styling technology excellence.


The campaign unfolds as a celebration of head-to-toe styling, presenting Bombay Shaving Company’s exceptional Trimmer lineup dedicated to elevating the experience for the modern Indian man. From attention-grabbing opening frames to unforgettable closing moments, the film invites individuals to redefine their style game at the comfort of their home with cutting-edge products that embody confidence, individuality, and the transformative power of grooming.

BSC Trimmers are more than just a set of tools; it’s a dedication to delivering styling solutions tailored to contemporary men. Packed with features like a massive runtime, magnetic easy switch heads, and a 38-length settings dial for the perfectly styled trims, the range includes:

  • Full Body Trimmer with 5 easy switch magnetic heads for head-to-toe grooming
  •  Power Styler Beard Trimmer with 38 style settings for unlimited beard styles
  •  Premium Multi Groomer for styling beard and body hair
  •  HeadShaver PRO for salon-like head shaves in 2 minutes

Landscaper focused on sensitive areas

  •  Power Play beard trimmer for performance and value

“In the spirit of celebrating individuality, we believe hair removal is a spectrum, we’re not out here trying to tell what’s best for you or what’s the ideal look for a man. What matters to us is that every man’s needs are different, and our new range of Trimmers are designed with a deep understanding of Men’s hair across their body, redefining functionality, convenience and Style. This launch reinforces our relentless commitment to delivering the best hair removal solutions for men,” affirms Shantanu Deshpande, Founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company.

The campaign film isn’t just an audio-visual delight; it’s a window into the brand’s essence, unveiling the new trimmer rangedesigned for specifc hair removal needs of men. This comprehensive solution effortlessly manages hair and elevates style for the beard, body, head, and groin.

Welcome to redefined hair removal— Get ready to be “Styled by Bombay Shaving Company”.