CoinFlip Hits Key Milestone in New Zealand Expanding Footprint to 100 Locations Across the Country

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, June 13, 2024 — CoinFlip, a U.S.-based leading global digital currency platform company, announced expansion of its footprint in New Zealand to 100 locations across the country. The installation of its 100th digital currency kiosk (also known as a ‘bitcoin ATM’) in New Zealand marks a key milestone for the company, which entered the market in September 2023 and was the first bitcoin ATM company to operate in country. Since launching its services in New Zealand, CoinFlip has seen a 235% increase in customer transaction volume, demonstrating the strength of consumer demand for CoinFlip’s service, which offers consumers simple and secure access to buy and sell cryptocurrency using cash at its ATM locations. The company celebrated this milestone by installing its 100th machine at The Hub Hornby in Christchurch.


“There has been a notable increase in consumer demand and interest in a simple, secure, and convenient way to buy cryptocurrency,” said Ben Brockliss, Vice President of Australia and New Zealand at CoinFlip. “CoinFlip ATMs provide a familiar on-ramp to the global digital economy by providing consumers the ability to convert their cash into crypto. Coupled with CoinFlip’s 24/7 customer support and our deep focus on delivering a delightful customer experience, we’re excited that Kiwis are seeing value in the virtual assets sector and embracing our technology platform.”

CoinFlip enables simple and secure buying and selling of cryptocurrency using cash, providing an important access point for everyday consumers to participate in the digital currency economy. Research by the FMA estimates 10% of Kiwis today own cryptocurrency.[1] With CoinFlip’s expansion to additional convenient and easy-to-access locations, such as shopping centres and petrol stations, the company estimates adoption of cryptocurrency by Kiwis will continue to increase in 2024. For a full list of locations.

CoinFlip operates the world’s largest network of digital currency kiosks by transaction volume, with more than 5,000 kiosks across nine countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Panama, and Brazil. CoinFlip is laser-focused on delivering a world-class user experience that prioritises access security and reliability for the company’s more than 400,000 worldwide customers who use its kiosks.

Headquartered in the United States, CoinFlip was founded in 2015 on the belief that enabling secure access to digital currencies would foster the development of a more inclusive, equitable, and stable global financial system for consumers. For more information about CoinFlip.