FMC India Launches Arc™ Farm Intelligence Platform to Help Farmers Optimize Crop Yield and Improve Sustainability

National, March 21, 2024: FMC India, an agricultural sciences company, has launched its innovative precision agriculture platform Arc™ farm intelligence in India. The new offering is aimed at encouraging smarter agricultural practices for farmers, advisers, and channel partners.


By combining real-time data and predictive modeling, Arc™ farm intelligence assists farmers in monitoring field conditions and pest pressure. Farmers can then ensure precise application of the recommended crop care products to optimize yield and achieve higher returns on investment.

Mr. Ravi Annavarapu, President, of FMC India and South-West Asia said, “Farmers encounter numerous challenges in the field daily while navigating today’s complex and evolving agricultural landscape. Arc™ farm intelligence, a one-stop solution for farmers, will support them in making informed decisions based on real-time field insights for more effective and efficient crop care, thus providing them with enhanced precision, productivity, and profitability. We are confident that farmers will gain a significant advantage and stay ahead with these technology-driven services.”

The platform, available through a new app, will not only provide in-depth insights into FMC’s leading product portfolio but also enable farmers to participate in several digital initiatives and contests throughout the year to win attractive rewards.

The Arc™ farm intelligence app will also provide farmers easy access to FMC India’s boom spray service. Available at their fingertips, farmers can easily schedule a spray and pay using an integrated payment gateway on the app. Farmers can better plan their spray calendar with ten days’ advance weather forecast and make informed crop-care decisions. Additionally, farmers across India can access doorstep delivery of FMC’s leading products via the app, as it is directly linked to FMC’s brand store on Amazon.