‘Illness To Wellness’ & YoloHealth organises sixth health camp as a part of its Awareness Campaign Series

New Delhi, 24 June, 2024: It is no secret that sedentary lifestyles pose significant health risks, leading to diseases like hypertension and high blood pressure. However, citizens continue to ignore the risks until the situation forces them to undertake immediate medical interventions. These conditions have surged due to many factors that include long working hours, stress, poor diet and lack of physical activities. The worrying trend is that younger people are increasingly getting affected, in addition to those who are above the age of 45 or 50.


Recognising the gravity of the situation, the ‘Illness to Wellness’ campaign, a national initiative promoting healthy living and Yolohealth, a healthcare technology company, are conducting a series of health camps to sensitise citizens on the importance of detecting potential health issues at an early stage. Serving as an awareness and proactive health check-up platform, these camps offer individuals a chance to get check-ups done and receive guidance on healthier lifestyles.

As a part of this endeavour, a two-day health check-up camp under the illness to wellness awareness campaign was organised at Shri Sai Bhakta Samaj, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, on June 21 and June 22, 2024, by Illness to Wellness and Yolohealth. At the camp, over 200 people were tested across 22 parameters, which included blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI checks, and many other invasive and non-invasive tests. Through the proactive approach of preventive health testing, these individuals are given an opportunity to take control of their lifestyles and prevent further complications.

The health check-up event held at Shri Sai Bhakta Samaj marked another event in a series of highly successful camps undertaken through the collaborative efforts of Illness to Wellness and yolohealth. The initiative was launched on March 28, 2024, and since then the campaign has swiftly gained traction, with six camps already been organised. This reflects the urgent demand and increasing enthusiasm for proactive healthcare initiatives among citizens. Preceding this event, a series of health camps were held at prominent locations, including Janpath, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Birla Mandir, Aggarwal Digambar Jain Mandir in Connaught Place and Priority Health Care in Green Park.

Speaking about the initiative, Anil Rajput, Chairperson, ASSOCHAM National CSR Council, said, “I am delighted to see the rapid and impactful execution of the Illness to Wellness and Yolohealth awareness campaign. In a relatively short period of time, a large number of people are taking the benefit of the facilities provided by Yolohealth. This will indeed go a long way in building a healthier and more productive society for our country. I would urge many other companies to join hands in scaling up this effort”.

In the camp, YoloHealth used its trademark product HealthATM to show how technology has evolved in delivering accurate health assessment reports. These HealthATM machines are designed to offer primary and preventive healthcare services with the goal of ensuring easy public access. It is an aggregation of US FDA/EU certified IoT-enabled medical devices combined with yolohealth’s proprietary HIPPA compliant software backend and cloud-centric platform supporting tele-medicine facility. This pioneering endeavour enabled individuals to take stock of their health and make well-informed health decisions.

The ‘Illness to Wellness’ campaign was introduced in 2014 and remains committed to promoting health and well-being through empowering, educating, collaborating and adopting of sustainable health practices. Over the years, it has aimed to maximise outreach and impact, from organising camps and awareness campaigns to holding regular webinars on key health topics and developments- with the clear purpose of raising awareness and providing motivation and remedies.