News18 Bangla, Odia, Assam North East, Kannada, and Gujarati raise the bar with their high viewerships

11th April 2024: News18 Bangla, News18 Odia, News18 Assam North East, News18 Kannada, and News18 Gujarati language cluster channels have achieved outstanding performance on social media platforms in the month of March 2024.

News18 Kannada: Secured the top spot in combined YouTube and Facebook views, at 161 million. Leaving the competitors behind, the channel was closely followed by TV9 at 160 million views and NewsFirst Kannada with 144 million views.

News18 Gujarati: Secured the highest viewership on Facebook and YouTube, with an impressive 197 million views. This milestone underscores News18 Gujarati’s dominance in the region, outshining VTV News with 71 million views and TV9 Gujarati with 64 million views.

News18 Odia: Took the lead with 111 million views on YouTube, establishing itself as the top performer on the social media platform. This milestone places News18 Odia ahead of its competitors, including OTV with 109 million views, and Kanak News, which has garnered 64 million views.

News18 Assam Northeast: Delivered an outstanding performance garnering 92 million views on YouTube and Facebook combined. The channel outperformed both DY365 with 60 million views and Pratidin Time with 38 million views.

News18 Bangla: Attained the highest viewership on Facebook with 131.1 million views. The channel surpassed competitors, ABP Ananda with 129.1 million views and R Bangla with 54.3 million views.