ERP: Why it matters and why Wezom is worth relying on

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The business environment is always changing. It is dynamic and competitive advantage may be harder to maintain than it was two decades ago. With the implementation of an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system, a company’s stability and flexibility can be maintained. When we talk about ERP systems, we talk about ERP software and today there are quite a few companies that offer their ERP software to the public. One of them is Wezom, an ERP software provider known for its quality and integrated solutions.

But what exactly is ERP?

Referring to what it stands for, Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP is actually a suite of applications created to manage and integrate all aspects of a core business. Because it has to be integrated, in many cases ERP software is custom ERP software. The software has been tailored to the core aspects of the company’s business such as workflows, production processes, short-term and long-term company goals, and so on.

The output of custom ERP software is a solution that really works in streamlining the production process, improving the company’s work efficiency, and initiating growth, both partial and overall. All these benefits can be achieved with a deep understanding of the company’s characteristics. In many cases, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not really effective.

The benefits of using the software in detail

– Custom ERP software is aimed at meeting the specific needs of the client company so there is little to no chance that there are aspects of it that are not really used.

– Scalability is good in the sense that software improvements can be minimized because from the beginning the software has been designed to provide specific solutions. Deep planning at the beginning brings minimal customization consequences later on.

– And of course, better integration with the software that the client company already uses. Thus the smooth flow of data can be improved by minimizing “overlapping situations”.

– Targeted analysis and reporting.

– All of the above efficiencies will definitely lead to a decrease in operational costs. That’s for sure.

Why Wezom?

And finally, we come to “Why Wezom?”. Wezom is, as mentioned above, a popular ERP software development company and its popularity is certainly not without reason.

Wezom understands what custom really means. It refers to the fact that no two businesses are completely the same. Wezom thus treats each of its clients differently, according to the core aspects of their business along with the complexity of the problem at hand. Basically, the ERP software development company designs different systems, which are based on the same ERP software creation framework.

The development of any ERP software by Wezom always starts with a careful and thorough needs assessment. There is always a two-way communication between Wezom and the client company to deliver the ERP system that is truly needed.

In terms of design, Wezom always prioritizes a user-friendly interface because without it, there will be no optimal utilization by users and there is always a high chance of missing out on useful features.

Wezom always implements inspections and supervision of the use of its ERP software to ensure that its use does not encounter obstacles and if any problems occur, it will be quickly resolved. For your information, there are many advanced ERP software that are not accompanied by qualified customer support so the usage is not as expected. Wezom learned from that fact before it launched its first ERP software.


A quality custom ERP system ensures a company’s stability in navigating the dynamic global business landscape. It offers integrated solutions to possible problems and when it comes to choosing, Wezom is one of the few reliable ERP system providers.

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