5 Effective Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety


Living with anxiety can make everyday situations much more difficult. One minute you are feeling fine, the next you’re hit with a trigger that makes your heart thump, your palms sweat, and your mind race with a million thoughts. But you don’t have to let your anxiety control you. Take back your power with these five powerful and effective ways to overcome your anxiety. 

  1. Get Involved 

Find ways to get involved with your school, work, or community. This helps you take your mind off sources of stress and anxiety in your life. You’ll also build a network of supportive friends who can help you out when you aren’t feeling your best. Giving back to those in need is also proven to boost your mood and feelings of self-esteem! 

  1. Learn Your Triggers 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, learning what triggers your anxiety can help you control it better. They suggest keeping an anxiety journal, noting where you are, what you’ve eaten, what you’re doing, and how you’re feeling every time you experience anxiety. This can help you notice patterns. Do you always feel anxious after you drink coffee? Does seeing a certain family member trigger you? Does the mere idea of traveling by plane kick-start your anxiety? Being able to identify your triggers gives you power over your anxiety. 

  1. Find a Support Group

Finding people who feel the same way you do can help you feel less alone with your anxiety. Support groups and group therapy are great ways to build a support system. You can also try self-improvement courses like those offered by Landmark Forum (formerly, Landmark Education) and others. These teach you how to understand your relationship with your anxiety and, in turn, how to stop it from taking over or limiting your life.

  1. Follow the 3-3-3 Method 

When your mind is racing with anxious thoughts, it’s easy to spiral out of control. To keep yourself grounded, try the 3-3-3 method. First, look around you and name 3 things that you see. Then focus on 3 sounds that you hear. Finally, move 3 different parts of your body. This tactic puts you back into the present, helps you focus, and shoos those negative thoughts away.

  1. Tackle Your Fears 

Chances are that whatever triggers your anxiety is not an irrational fear. But the good news is that you can overcome it! Take steps towards tackling your fears to gain control over them. For instance, if you have health-related anxiety, schedule regular appointments with your doctor for check-ups. If you have anxiety about your relationships, promote open communication so you never have to wonder what your partner or friends are really thinking.

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