Berger Paints AGM for FY20-21


The post-Covid scenario brought a unique set of challenges that required out-of-the-box solutions. Consumer-Centric Service innovations and products which were relevant to the evolving environment and consumer needs were the need of the hour. As an organization, innovation is at the heart of everything we do and the challenge to thrive in the new normal motivated us to better ourselves by bringing in unique and differentiated offerings to create excellent consumer experiences.

Service Innovations:

In order to assure customers of safe, hygienic and hassle-free painting service, Berger remodelled its Premier Painting service to “Safe Express Painting” by adopting various health protocols and safety guidelines to protect our customers and painters during the pandemic. The change went a long way in winning consumer’s confidence and helped us serve more than 40,000 households through this service.

The waterproofing segment in India is still in its early stages of penetration and consumer awareness. While a majority of Indian households suffer from Damp and moisture ingress in their walls and ceilings, low awareness levels in consumers ensured that most of the households weren’t offered standardized solutions to their problems. To change the status quo, Berger Paints introduced a modern-age solution in the form of Home Shield Moisture Meter. It measures the exact moisture content of the wall which is then used to offer a prescription-based waterproofing solution to the consumer as per their specific requirement resulting in a win-win situation for the consumer, applicator and the company.

Product Innovations:

At Berger paints, we always strive to stay ahead of the curve by offerings solutions that help in addressing the problems of the Indian household. Silk BreatheEasy, a luxury interior emulsion that is high on aesthetics as well as packed with many functional benefits like Air Purifying Technology and Anti-Viral technology. It is effective against bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19) present on the wall and reduces indoor pollution (by reducing pollutants like formaldehyde, SOx, NOx gases). We also introduced and promoted Anti- Microbial Powder coatings meant to cater to the Hospital furniture segment.

In the Luxury Exterior segment, we launched Weathercoat Longlife, India’s first and only PU-based exterior paint, Weathercoat Longlife which offers a 10-year warranty to the consumers. The brand is promoted with this warranty after testing its performance in high rainfall areas like Cherrapunji, Cochin etc to ensure that the consumer gets full value for his investment. The latest entrant in the enamel segment to resolve the issue of rusting is Luxol 7in1 which for the first time comes with 3 year warranty when used with Luxol QD Epoxy Primer.

Mr Kuldip Singh Dhingra, Chairman, Berger Paints shared his views on the occasion, “The team at Berger is like a close-knit family. Even in choppy waters, we held the family close. Not a single retrenchment or salary deduction took place because of the pandemic. As a result, the organization has come out even stronger from the crisis. I am immensely pleased to see the pace at which the team at Berger reacted to the changing environment and introduced new products and services which made a positive change in the lives of our consumers and created value for our shareholders. Silk BreatheEasy, a Luxury interior emulsion with Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial & Air Purifying technology to help create safer environments in houses is a prime example of our achievements last year”