BPCL Launches Star-Studded T20 World Cup Campaign with Rahul Dravid and Neeraj Chopra

Mumbai, June 17th, 2024: In the pulsating world of cricket, where every shot, every delivery, and every moment is charged with excitement, BPCL is once again stepping onto the crease with a power-packed T20 world cup campaign, bringing back the iconic Mr. Dependable, Rahul Dravid, alongside the Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra.

BPCL’s previous ad films, featuring Rahul Dravid, sparked nationwide conversations with their thought-provoking question, ‘Kabhi Engine Oil ke Baare mein Itna Soch Vichar Kiya Hai?’ This time, these super hit films return during the T20 World Cup, aiming to capture the hearts of India’s cricket-crazy audience once again.

The series of sharp-edited, fun films, featuring Rahul Dravid, feel more like mini-movies, capturing everyday household discussions escalating into serious debates over trivial matters. Dravid, with his ever-reliable persona, swoops in to inject levity, underscoring the importance of making wise choices, whether it’s about engine oil or life decisions.

Shri Sukhmal Jain, Director (Marketing), BPCL, commented, “With this campaign, we aim to merge the fervor of cricket with our commitment to quality. By bringing together Rahul Dravid’s dependability and Neeraj Chopra’s champion spirit, we not only engage with our audience but also emphasize the importance of making informed choices, whether it’s about engine oils or premium fuel. This campaign gamifies the purchase process, making it fun and rewarding for customers while celebrating the passion of cricket fans.”

Adding to the excitement, BPCL introduces a new TVC featuring the champion Neeraj Chopra to promote their premium petrol, Speed. With the catchy slogan, “Chuno Jeet ko, Chuno Speed ko”, the campaign encapsulates the champion spirit of Neeraj Chopra and his preference for Speed petrol.

Complementing these TV campaigns during the T20 World Cup, BPCL launches a series of below-the-line campaigns. MAK Lubricants introduces the “Run Banao, Dhan Pao” campaign, drawing parallels between cricket and customer rewards. Customers accumulate ‘runs’ by purchasing MAK Lubricants and scanning the QR code via the HelloBPCL App, with rewards based on the runs collected.

Concurrently, BPCL’s premium petrol, Speed, rolls out the “Speed Se Jeeto Poore Saal” campaign, featuring Neeraj Chopra as the brand ambassador. The campaign offers thrilling rewards linked to fuel purchases, including the chance to win fuel for a whole year and weekly fuel prizes.

BPCL aims to leverage the excitement of the cricket season to highlight the superior performance of Speed petrol and offer customers exciting rewards. The ‘Speed Se Jeeto Poore Saal’ campaign runs until July 12th, 2024, at select BPCL Fuel Stations across India.

Let’s fuel the journey to victory together, both on and off the field!