Gear Up for Monsoon with a Range of Car Insurance Plans available on Bajaj Markets

Gear Up for Monsoon

24th June 2024 Pune, Maharashtra, India As the monsoon season approaches, individuals can get car insurance plans offered by various reputed insurers on Bajaj Markets, a digital financial marketplace. During the monsoon, cars are exposed to increased risk of damage from heavy rains, floods, and waterlogging.

Protect your car with car insurance

Car insurance covers car owners against several vehicle damages during monsoon. Premiums for car insurance start at Rs. 2,094/year only.

Choosing the ideal umbrella:

Some car insurance plans come with add-ons that can be truly beneficial for car owners, especially during the rainy season. These are:

  • 24X7 Spot Assistance
  • Depreciation Shield
  • CNG Kits Protection
  • Conveyance Benefit

Bajaj Markets simplifies the process of getting a car insurance by offering:

  • Convenient choices: Customers can compare plans from various insurers based on their specific needs and budget.
  • Quick Quotes: Get quotes for different car insurance plans within minutes.

Car owners can secure comprehensive car insurance coverage from the comfort of their homes by choosing the right plan. These plans are available on both Bajaj Markets app and website.