Globus Infocom Launches Wide Range of Video Conferencing Solutions

Globus Infocom Launches Wide Range of Video Conferencing Solutions

Globus Infocom, a “Make in India” brand, is one of the most reliable firms offering extremely advanced technological solutions in the field of Educational Technology, Digital Signage and Security & Surveillance. The brand introduces their wide range of technologically-advanced Video Conferencing Solutions that speaks of latest features, cost-effectiveness and high performance.

Video Conferencing is becoming increasingly popular not only in the business sector but also other segments including education and healthcare. Therefore, Globus Infocom offers Video Conferencing Products and Solutions that are user-friendly and don’t require extensive technical know-how. Adding to its usability, communication can take place easily via smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.

The newly-launched product line-up includes both Hardware-based and Software-based Video Conferencing Solution, meeting the diverse requirements of the end users. With the power of these video conferencing products, one can connect with anyone from any part of the world and simulate high quality life-like conversations.

Highlights of Globus Video Conferencing Solution

Interoperable Video Conferencing Solution

Globus Video Conferencing Solution makes business communication more efficient and swift by offering interoperability feature. The platform is interoperable with all legacy video conferencing products and brands in the market. This feature makes workplace collaboration hassle-free by allowing you to hold a video conference on any device.

Ultra-smooth PTZ mechanism

With the help of its ultra-smooth PTZ mechanism, Globus Video Conferencing Camera can pan, tilt and zoom to render razor-sharp images. It auto-tracks the subject and maintains the focus even in the presence of multiple objects. This feature comes in handy when the person holding the VC is moving or there are multiple people present in the conference room.

Provides high definition image with its superior resolution and colour gamut

With the help of its 5 MP resolution, Globus Video Conferencing Cameras are capable of capturing high-definition images with amazing details and quality. The image clarity and brightness of our video conferencing camera provides you the most fulfilling meeting/classroom experience.

Globus Video Conferencing Camera records video in high resolution

Our contemporary video conferencing cameras record videos in HD resolution of 1920x1080p. In addition to this, the entire video conference and data shared can be recorded to create a video archive. This helps in the better conveyance of your information even if the persons involved are demographically isolated.