Kalp Foundation Collaborates with Router Protocol for Cross-Chain Interoperability of Real-World Assets

United States, 25 April 2024Kalp, a public permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT), and Router Protocol, a prominent blockchain protocol infrastructure provider, have entered a strategic partnership to leverage Router Protocol’s Cross-Chain Intent Framework (CCIF) to streamline the interoperability of Real-World Assets (RWAs) spanning across various permissioned and permissionless blockchain networks.

Kalp’s vision of a permissioned, regulatory-compliant public infrastructure is critical in the real-world asset (RWA) space, where adherence to legal and financial standards is paramount. By enabling secure and compliant cross-chain transactions, Kalp will play a pivotal role in fulfilling the demand and supply for RWAs on multiple blockchain networks and also boost investor confidence through enhanced security measures and regulatory compliance. With this collaboration, Router Protocol will act as one of the essential components for Kalp as a key player in the burgeoning cross-chain RWA space.

Ajay Bhat, Head of BD at Router Protocol, shared the larger vision planned with this integration. “We are excited to collaborate with Kalp and contribute to building a robust digital public infrastructure that unlocks the true potential of real-world assets in the blockchain ecosystem. By combining our cutting-edge cross-chain technology with Kalp’s regulatory-compliant public permissioned environment, we are paving the way to facilitating the cross-chain movement of Real-World Assets, which aligns perfectly with our vision for a more interoperable blockchain network.”

Router Protocol will extend its advanced Cross-Chain Intent Framework (CCIF) to Kalp Foundation, to create a permissioned environment enabling fluid cross-chain interactions and aggregating liquidity from permissionless chains, enhancing market efficiency and asset accessibility for RWAs.

“With this collaboration, we are forming a digital fortress powered by our public permissioned DLT that assures escalating the interoperability of Real-World Assets across unregulated and permissionless blockchain networks. We are empowering users with a secure and transparent digital public infrastructure required to unlock the immense potential of RWAs within the DeFi landscape.”, mentioned Shubham Raj- Chief Technology Officer at Kalp, who has been intrinsically curating the plans for the blockchain to explore the outreach of the growing RWA demand across the globe.

This collaboration revolutionizes the cross-chain RWA landscape by enabling secure RWA interoperability across all major permissioned and permissionless blockchain ecosystems, overcoming existing limitations, and unlocking the digital asset economy’s potential. It addresses network interoperability issues, fostering an inclusive, interconnected community with increased user engagement across networks by lowering entry barriers for users and developers.