RPG Group Introduces Taabi Mobility Limited

India, September 14, 2023: RPG Group today announced its latest venture—Taabi Mobility Limited; a suite of specialized AI and IOT enabled SaaS solutions focused on bringing down the cost of fuel and improving uptime. Taabi’s sustainable SaaS platforms empower businesses to identify and rectify inefficiencies in their vehicle, fleet and logistics operations in real time. Taabi’s software provides robust and reliable integration with onboard sensors and diagnostics tools of assets, fetches real-time analytics, and generates predictive insights using a proprietary AI model.

Implementing unique and advanced asset diagnosis, driver assistance, and video telematics, the software systems not only ensure cost reductions but also boost uptime, making vehicles more energy efficient. Taabi’s solutions have a strong record of successfully boosting the business of 100 clients in 100 days. Additionally, the novel features have already proven their accuracy by saving over 45000 litres of fuel for various businesses, tracking over 1200 instances of fuel pilferage, and improving uptime worth over 60000 km.

Pali Tripathi, Chief Executive Officer, Taabi, said, “We are excited to launch this new business arm, which will allow us to tap into the growing demand for innovative fleet and logistics solutions. We help businesses establish a smart fleet to meet customer demands more reliably and build trust through goal-oriented commitment,” It helps to reduce costs and boosts profits by enhancing logistics efficiency and effectiveness.” 

Anant Goenka, Director, Taabi Mobility Limited, and Member – Group Management Board, RPG Group, said, “We have assembled a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of success in this space. We are confident that they will be able to execute our vision and make Taabi a success.”

Taabi’s technology stack is designed to make fleet management efficient and sustainable. Through real-time tracking, AI analytics, predictive vehicle diagnostics, advanced route guidance, ADAS, and video telematics, the platform maximizes energy efficiency. It provides comprehensive data-driven insights on optimizing fuel management for vehicles with internal combustion engines, electric vehicles, and energy-dependant logistics assets. With holistic guidance on fuel management, driver behaviour, and asset health & performance—minimized downtime is a guarantee!

Taabi’s competent team has engineered the solutions with comprehensive proprietary AI/ML models and inclusive technologies, for expressing diverse functionalities that can have applications in multiple industries including transportation, mining, telecommunications, and construction.

Currently available in India, Taabi is simultaneously laying the groundwork for its international launch. Its SaaS platform includes modules for Fuel Management, Control Tower Solutions, Route Optimization, Vehicle Health Monitoring and Driver Behaviour Analytics each contributing to an eco-friendly logistical ecosystem.

By combining state-of-the-art technology with sustainability, Taabi Mobility Limited is set to redefine the logistics and fleet management sectors, one intelligent, energy-efficient decision at a time.