Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani celebrates its 2nd Anniversary on 5-6 Aug with BIG OFFER DAYS…

 Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani

Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on 5th and 6th of August 2023. The anniversary weekend will have many fun games and challenges including Win it in a Minute, Spin the Wheel, Early Bird (1st 100 customers who buy over Rs 1,999 get to win a backpack), games from 12 PM to 4 PM, cycling ride, and more.

Covering over 1,000 square meters, the three floors of the store have over 60 sports and 6,000 products for sports enthusiasts to pick from. With over 500 members in its communities for cycling, football, climbing, and more, Decathlon Shakesepare Sarani has had many events, workshops, contests and classes through Decathlon Play sports platform. Along with providing products, Decathlon also has a repair workshop for its cycles/cardio equipment/roller skates and more.

Being Decathlon’s 2nd store in Kolkata, Shakespeare Sarani gave an opportunity to local youth for employment as well. “I grew up playing football in Maidan, and joined Decathlon in Pune in 2014. I’m really happy to work back home in Kolkata and share our love for sports with the sport-crazed city at Shakespeare Sarani.”- remarked Sebastian Gomes, Decathlon employee at Shakespeare Sarani.

Decathlon is also inspiring Kolkata to play by engaging in partnerships with coaches and sports clubs in the city for events, classes, offers and more.

Decathlon is working with Jungle Crows and Terra Indica to provide vocational training and employment to underprivileged children by training them to get National Skill Development Certificates and find gainful employment. 3 graduates from this program are also working in Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani.

Founded in 1976 in France, Decathlon is now the largest sports goods retailer in the world. Decathlon opened its 1st store in India in Bengaluru in 2009 and came to the city of joy with its store in Salt Lake, Sector V. The company has its own dedicated product design and development team and over 60% of its products sold are made in India. Along with making in India, Decathlon is also committed towards making sports accessible sustainably. The company is committed to have 100% of its products Eco-Designed by 2026.

What is Eco Design:

Eco-design consists of taking the environment into account from the first design stages and throughout the entire product’s life cycle. In practical terms, it’s about thinking through how to make it possible to reduce its impact on the environment during its whole lifespan.

The Shakespeare Sarani store is located near Unimark Asian and is open daily from 10 AM – 9 PM.