Introducing Edison Analytics by ION Energy: India’s 1st AI-powered Battery Intelligence Platform for EVs & ESS

Akhil Aryan

ION Energy, the pioneers of advanced battery management and intelligence systems, has announced the launch of EDISON Analytics, a futuristic, cloud-hosted battery lifecycle management platform. Leveraging battery data, advanced electronics, machine learning, and AI, the platform aims to extend life (up to 40%) and enhance the performance of lithium-ion batteries with a software-first approach.

Edison reinforces ION energy’s mission to accelerate Earth’s transition to an all-electric planet. With Li-Ion batteries accounting for up to ~45% cost of EVs, the financial viability of these vehicles rely on battery life and performance; especially with the advent of shared mobility. Li-Ion batteries are also being deployed along with large solar farms to remove the intermittencies. These deployments are expected to last 10+ years and ensuring battery life is critical to their financial modeling.

Edison Analytics enables mobility fleet owners (shared mobility companies) like Ola and Uber, that are incorporating EVs into their fleet to improve their total cost of ownership (TCO). It is also used by automotive OEMs designing EVs and battery-pack makers to deliver exceptionally better user experience with remote service, support, and extended warranties.

A full-stack battery management and intelligence SaaS platform solution, Edison Analytics is backed by expertise in the battery domain. The platform unifies data from the triple Es that have the most impact on battery life, i.e. entity (factors that are inside the battery such as capacity planning, chemistry comparisons, cell selection, mechanical design, thermal management etc), environment (factors that lie outside the battery but beyond the control of the user such as traffic, terrain, weather, etc) and experience (dependent solely on user conditions). Edison seeks to customize the life and performance of each user by amalgamating and assessing the data from these three sources.

Commenting on the launch of Edison Analytics, Akhil Aryan, Founder and CEO of ION Energy, said, “Edison will help users accelerate deployment speed, improve uptime and extend battery life by up to 40%. Our objective is to help companies make data-driven decisions and eliminate the wasted time trying to make sense from the CSV files that they are currently collecting and opening in Excel. Edison Analytics will leapfrog teams working on building batteries into a future where advanced visualization, automated suggestions are driven by ML & AI will reveal insights from their data securely and scalably. Using proprietary SIL & MIL (Model in Loop) simulations, we will also help companies choose the right chemistry and plan capacity resulting in reduced costs and a greater ROI through all the stages of the battery life cycle. Governments across the globe are accelerating the clean mobility and EV adoption, and as batteries are the most important and costly asset in an EV, we’re taking a long-term bet on leveraging data towards improving battery life and performance. This is the core of Edison’s Battery Intelligence platform.”

The launch of Edison aligns with the need to address the widespread global energy crisis and switch to more efficient and sustainable energy systems. With Edison, ION aims to not only bring visibility into battery health and performance but also improve it consistently. By 2020, ION intends on having over 1GWh of batteries under the Edison management platform and build Edison into a plus $1M business unit.

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