Deciding whether to use the gamble feature can be tough, there is the potential to double your winnings but there is also an equal chance that you will lose all your winnings – play Book of Oz slot. There are a variety of factors to consider before you use this option. 

Why the Gamble Feature is so Good 

The gamble feature is good for many reasons. The main reason that it is so good is because it is such an exciting and fun feature which provides players with the opportunity to double their winnings. The feature is also simple to understand, just make a 50/50 decision and your winnings will either be doubled or lost depending on if you choose the correct answer. The gamble feature also appears in a variety of different forms. The most popular is a deck of cards, with players being asked to decide what colour the next suit is or whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one. There is also the coin toss, players just need to decide whether the coin will be heads or tails. 


The best way to use the gamble feature is not to just use it when it becomes available to you. There are in fact a few tips and tricks which can be used so that you can take full advantage of the gamble feature in slots. 

  1. Use the gamble feature of smaller wins to minimise the potential loss. This way you can slowly build up the amount you are betting over time.
  2. Don’t use the gamble feature on any winnings which you aren’t prepared to lose. There is a 50 percentage chance you won’t lose them but there is also a 50 percentage chance you will.
  3. Gambling with larger amounts has the potential to increase winnings massively but it also has the potential to increase your losses dramatically too. 

Games with the Gamble Feature 

The gamble feature is incredibly popular and there is a vast array of slot games which use the gamble feature. The best thing is that because the gamble feature can come in a variety of forms, they are all slightly different! 

  • Mr Cashback was developed by Playtech and is viewed as a classic by many. Perhaps appropriately, the slot utilises the classic form of the gamble feature. Simply asking players to correctly guess the colour of the next playing card.
  • 4 Seasons is a slot that was developed by Betsoft and it uses the head or tails gamble feature. If players choose the correct option they will find their winnings doubled.
  •  Hunt For Gold uses the pick a symbol format of the gamble feature. It was developed by Play n’ Go and it asks players to decide which symbol is hidden behind the cards.

Final Thoughts 

The gamble feature is a risk, there is no doubt about it. There is a 50 percent chance that you will lose all your winnings. However for some players the potential reward is worth this risk. The chance to double your winnings is certainly an enticing prospect.