B2B services firm ExMyB leading the fight against COVID-19, supplying PPE to Swiggy, Maruti, FedEx, and Clove Dental among others

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ExMyB, a leading B2B services firm has joined the fight against COVID-19 by supplying PPE to businesses. The firm, which already works closely with countless SMEs, has been chosen by its businesses partners to serve as a conduit for providing PPE across India. As everyone knows, winning the fight against the pandemic will take time and require firms to draw upon a unique arsenal: PPE is the most critical tool in this arsenal.

As the country begins to unlock, and employees return to work, there is a strong chance of resurgence in COVID-19 cases. The only way to eliminate such resurgence is by practising social distancing and equipping workers with PPE like face masks, gloves, face shields. ExMyB is uniquely poised to deliver such PPE as it counts among its business partners, countless SMEs that manufacture and sell PPE. To bring the PPE made by its partners to companies, ExMyB is drawing upon its logistical expertise. The company has considerable experience managing supply chains which means it can deliver PPE to every corner of the country quickly.

ExMyB also has a holistic and long term view to help organisations fight the pandemic. It expects to register businesses on its platform that can help organisations keep their employees safe from COVID-19. Such companies will guide businesses in their efforts to keep their workforce safe. Registering companies that can help organisations defeat COVID-19 is a natural outgrowth of ExMyB’s position as a leading B2B services portal.

Speaking about ExMyB’s role in supplying PPE to firms across the country Mr Nishant Behl, CEO & Founder of ExMyB said “The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the world more severely than anyone could have anticipated. There has been a tragic loss of life, and economic activity has come to a halt causing further difficulties for countless people. We are ready to do our part to help win the fight against the pandemic. As a leading B2B services firm, we have the benefit of sharing knowledge and resources with countless other firms. Such firms brought to our attention the need to supply PPE across the country. They knew that we have enormous expertise in managing supply chains which made their decision to come to us an easy one. We have supplied PPE to leading names like Swiggy, Maruti, FedEx, and Clove Dental. In the coming months, we expect to continue playing a part in keeping workplaces free from COVID-19. Furthermore, to teach organisations what steps they need to take to keep their workplaces secure, we will register firms that offer such expertise. Hence we are dedicated to winning the fight against COVID-19 and have a long term approach to keeping employees safe”.

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