Gargi by P N Gadgil & Sons (PNGS) Expands into Deccan with New Shop-in- Shop Stores in Shoppers Stop Latur and Hyderabad

Pune, 27/02/2024: Gargi by P N Gadgil & Sons (PNGS), the prominent publicly listed fashion jewelry brand, has announced the launch of its new shop-in-shop stores at Shoppers Stop outlets in Latur and Hyderabad. The new launches bring Gargi’s impeccable silver fashion jewelry to consumers in the Deccan region, especially in the metropolitan city of Hyderabad and its neighborhood. Gargi by PNGS has rapidly become a renowned brand for its high- quality fashion jewellery in brass and 92.5 sterling silver and the recently launched diamond collection.

Gargi Hyd new shop

 Established in December 2021, Gargi has repeatedly achieved new milestones and, towards the end of the calendar year 2023, ended on a high by delivering more than 1700% returns to its investors in the stock market. The company has already surpassed its annual projections despite much time left in the last quarter of FY’24.

 Gargi’s incredible run is fuelled by its unique, high-quality products, which add significant value to the users’ persona and dressing style. With the launch of the new stores, the company is now present in 16 Shop-in-Shop stores of Shoppers’ Stop outlets across Mumbai, Nashik, Latur, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, five exclusive stores in Pune, and two franchise outlets, which include the Nashik franchise outlet and one franchise outlet in Vashi (Mumbai). These developments are a part of Gargi’s relentless commitment to providing its customers with an unparalleled shopping experience.

 Speaking about the recent expansion, Aditya Modak, Co-founder of Gargi by PNGS, said, “It is a matter of great delight to see us achieve rapid expansion of our market coverage in new territories, and it has set the tone for a fantastic and ever-expanding brand presence in 2024. We aim to continue unveiling new points of sale as a part of our commitment to reaching more customers and providing them with our distinctive, high-quality jewelry pieces. We welcome the people of Latur, Hyderabad, and nearby regions to explore our offerings, and we will soon be strategically launching more such stores in various territories.”

 Named after the ancient Indian female scholar from the Ramayana era, Gargi symbolizes beauty, honesty, style, fearlessness, and scholarship. Leveraging the expertise of the iconic P N Gadgil & Sons brand, with an annual turnover of over rupees 10,000 crores, Gargi continues to maintain exceptional operational standards, deep customer understanding, and product quality.

 Gargi’s success has significantly influenced the Indian fashion jewellery industry, bringing innovation and quality to the forefront. With a strong focus on growth, Gargi aims to achieve a remarkable milestone of becoming a 100-crore company within the next two years. The brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its ambitious expansion plan underscore its determination to set new benchmarks within the retail sector.