Naz Perez Hosts HEART & HEARTBREAK: A Special Event with Open and Heart Broken Anonymous™

Heart & Heartbreak

February 27th, Venice, CA: TV host, producer, and founder of Heart Broken Anonymous™ Naz Perez teamed up with Open for a special event to connect with all matters of the heart – through community and meditation. HEART & HEARTBREAK took place on Friday, February 16th from 7 pm-9 pm at Open on 57 Market St, Venice, CA 90291.

Those who joined us for a transformational experience at the Open studio began with calming breathwork to drop into the heart, followed by a panel with Manoj Dias + Naz Perez and a Heart Broken Anonymous™ sharing circle into a guided meditation.

“I am beyond excited to bring Heart Broken Anonymous™ to Open mindfulness studio for this special, one-of-a-kind mind, body, and heart experience,” said Perez. “Around Valentine’s Day, many people experience heartbreak and overwhelming distress, sometimes not even romantic related. My wish has always been to provide a safe-space for THOSE people to feel less alone and seen, and I can’t think of a better place to tend to your heart and feel connected than at Open. Because sometimes Valentine’s Day can suck.”

Open Co-founder Manoj Dias added, “There’s nothing more human than love and loss. One doesn’t come without the other and neither come with a guide book. We can’t wait to explore these topics and ourselves, together.”