Steelbird launches a new platform Steelbird Connect Share and Earn


New Delhi, April 09, 2020: In the present time when the whole world is battling from Covid-19 and people don’t have any means to earn their live hood  due to lockdown, Steelbird Hitech India Limited-one of the largest manufacturer of helmets has made a strong move to help these millions of needy people through an unique mobile application. Steelbird Connect Share And Earn- the mobile application to become a source of income to many such people who are deprived of their daily live hood and nothing to do.

Sharing the detailed information Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, Managing Director, Steelbird Hitech India Limited said that due to the on-going lockdown, millions of daily wagers, factory workers are sitting ideal and they have nothing to do here with this mobile application they can earn 500 per month with dignity using this mobile application. So at this crucial time I believe 500 per person earning for them will be a support from us.

Mr Kapur said, that although The Governments, local agencies are also doing their best in such a critical situation however the problem is much larger and we at steelbird also wish to join hands though this mobile application so that people who are unable to work in the various towns cities and even villages due to lockdown, can be helped.

Commenting on the easy to operate user interface of Steelbird Share connect and earn Mr Kapur said this application will help the entire industry, corporate world to convey its messages in the form of videos and posts on all their good deeds, CSR activities, public initiatives or routine brand promotion activities so the right information could also reach out to the public.

One of the biggest advantages of this application will be that it will give the corporate world an opportunity to publicize its CSR, the name of its company or product, as users will see and share the post. The needy will also get a chance to earn something. As soon as a person earns Rs 500 the money gets transferred to their account, within 7 days with which he will be able to buy rations and provide food to his family, can feed him. The best part about the application is that if a user has four members in his family, then the whole family can also earn 2000 rupees.

Mr.Kapoor further added that that this will be a great service to the society and Steelbird will not keep any money with themselves. Whatever money will come from the corporate world, the entire money will be given to the users. Steelbird’s entire IT and team will work behind this project and the company’s servers will be used. It is a service and appeals to our entire corporate world to come on this app and come forward to help everyone in such a crucial time.

Along with this, they will also have the option to share the video after watching it for a minute.  We have kept the earning limit of 500 rupees per user, per month so that the maximum number of people can avail this service. We want to help more and more population.

Mr. Kapoor said that, I request the government to put this application into CSR activity, so that whatever corporate world spends in this activity can be put in CSR fund. Because the corporate world is currently advertising on TV, social media, radio, newspaper, Google and Facebook, if it advertises through this medium, it will serve the society.

He said, that it’s is an appeal to my government to allow the expenditure on this application to be put in the CSR account so that the company gets an opportunity to help the needy as well as advertise it.

Along with this, it’s an appeal to our that give us an exemption from GST on this. Because it comes under the scope of a cell-promoting activity, which has 18 % GST. The Companies also should not bear the burden of GST. Money should reach the poor.

This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. apps/details?id=com.steelbird. connect&hl=en_IN

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