Tamil Nadu Government Approves Agricultural Mechanization Scheme Subsidy for Garuda Aerospace

Tamil Nadu Government Approves Agricultural Mechanization Scheme Subsidy for Garuda AerospaceChennai, India 26 September 2023: Garuda Aerospace, one of India’s most prominent drone startups, is  granted an approval for the subsidy of the Tamil Nadu Government’s Agricultural Mechanization SchemeGaruda Aerospace is one of the two companies to have received this approval. The scheme was introduced by the Tamil Nadu Government to address labour shortages in agriculture and enhance crop production capabilities. As per the scheme, drones are subsidised for pesticide spraying and pest and disease monitoring. Farmers who acquire subsidised drones can opt for drone pilot training and licensing or alternatively hire licensed pilots. Those with bank loans for Garuda Aerospace Agri drones are also entitled for a 3% interest subsidy under the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO, Garuda Aerospace, said, “Garuda Aerospace is deeply committed to the advancement of agriculture practices in Tamil Nadu and across India, led by innovative drone technology. The subsidy granted under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme will enable higher adoption of technology and enhance crop production. We are grateful for this scheme and the subsidy and continue to keep our commitment up to supporting and enabling farmers to leverage technology and adopt modern agriculture practices.”

“Drone technology is making a big impact in farming. This is just the beginning, and I can see the demand for it increasing. The drones from Garuda Aerospace have been a game changer in our  fields. They’re being used to spray fertilisers and pesticides, which saves us both time and money. Plus, they can cover larger areas of farmland all at once. The spraying is much more even and consistent now. Garuda Aerospace has really stepped in. They’re taking care of lands that farmers couldn’t spray manually before. The quality and stability of their drones are impressive and their customer service has been excellent. Whenever we’ve had questions or needed help, they’ve been there for us. It’s great to know we can rely on them. As drone technology keeps advancing, I believe it will play an even bigger role in farming. And with companies like Garuda Aerospace leading the way, I’m excited to see its benefits during my lifetime.” said a Farmer from Tamil Nadu

Garuda Aerospace has conducted a Drone Yatra across various states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Punjab, West Bengal, Goa and Bihar to revolutionise the landscape of agriculture in India with Kisan Drones. The company has earned dual approvals from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for both manufacturing and training, demonstrating its commitment to safety and compliance. Garuda Aerospace is the first drone company to secure a loan under the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF DRONE LOAN) and was the first to receive a subsidy in Maharashtra. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the shareholder and brand ambassador in Garuda Aerospace.