Growatt Showcases Extensive Product Portfolio and Receives EUPD Research Top PV Brand Awards at SNEC PV Expo 2024

BERLIN, June 19, 2024  — Growatt, a global leading provider of distributed energy solutions, successfully concluded its exhibition at the SNEC PV Expo, held from June 13th to 15th in Shanghai, China. The event highlighted Growatt’s receipt of the Top Brand PV 2024 awards in the inverter and energy storage sectors from EUPD Research and showcased an extensive range of solutions for residential, commercial, off-grid, and various other solar applications.

Lisa Zhang, Vice President of Growatt, commented on their accolades, “As a global top four PV inverter supplier, we are deeply honored to receive these awards. They are a testament to our dedication and R&D efforts in energy technologies and our progress in empowering homes, businesses, and communities worldwide over the past decade. Beyond being a solar inverter company, we specialize in innovative energy solutions that help individuals and corporations generate, save, and manage their energy usage.”

Recognized as the world’s largest residential inverter supplier for several consecutive years, Growatt presented its latest residential solutions catering to diverse application scenarios. A key highlight was the NEO Series Microinverters for smaller household PV systems. The new NEO 1200-2000M-X offers advanced functionalities such as redundancy, expandability, and smart communication methods. Additionally, the X2 generation inverter product line features a lower start voltage for extended daily operation and an increased maximum string current of 16A, accommodating PV panels with larger wafers.

On the residential storage side, Growatt showcased the Battery-Ready series (MIN XH, MOD XH, and MID XH) inverters, with tailored versions for regional markets such as the US, including the MIN 3000-11400TL-XH-US models. These inverters allow users to start with a PV-only system to reduce initial investment and easily expand to a storage system later with their plug-and-play design. The manufacturer also offers the versatile SPH 10kW HU inverter, which supports up to six units in parallel for a total of 60kW, integrating a generator port and smart load control function to eliminate grid reliance during outages.

With ambitions to expand into larger-scale solar system and build a broader distributed energy ecosystem, Growatt presented the WIT 50-100K Inverter and APX Commercial Battery, designed for large corporate and industrial users. The WIT 50-100K inverter features up to ten MPPTs, a 2.0 DC/AC ratio, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS)-grade grid/off-grid switching capability. Furthermore, the company’s popular MAX Series PV inverter now includes the MAX 320-350KTL3-X model. This model ranges from 320kW to 350kW with six MPPTs, each of which can be connected to five strings with a maximum MPPT current of 80A. It is also equipped with an intelligent string breaker to enhance the safety of PV power stations.

“Leveraging our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology in the industry, our solutions are now more comprehensive than ever, empowering both small-scale residential systems and large-scale commercial enterprises to harness and store solar power for optimal energy usage,” Zhang concluded, “As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovative solutions that will drive the global transition to renewable energy and ensure a brighter, more sustainable world for generations to come.”